Choosing The Correct Channel Manager for Your Hotel.

Many of us as property managers are looking for more opportunities to spend more time with the visitors. A little more time away from screen-staring administrative tasks. But you will of course need a replacement as concerned & aware as you are of your property type and its needs. A possibility of having it all managed flawlessly. To book and sell rooms online involves the need for a manager that will take care of multiple channels simultaneously. This brings in a Channel Manager who will efficiently overlook and update all ends.

Implementing a channel manager to assist in the supervision of the online distribution of your hotel is a way to transform how you run everything. Your small, medium or large property/ room rental business becomes extra productive and brings about accelerated numbers of bookings and sales. The channel manager will take off the lengthy and tedious tasks from your hands. It will manage all of the distribution avenues you are connected to according to your requirements.

There are plenty of channel managers available and not each vendor will be best suited for all properties, so it’s crucial for you to do your homework and make certain you invest in the correct solution for your resort.

We might consider the appropriate choice as Point Click Integrate, and this blog will assist you to decide what factors are most critical to take into account before making your concluding choice.

What Makes PCI ‘The One’ Channel Manager for You?

You will be able to conserve several hours of time each week that you may later utilize in a better way for different duties around your estate

You can promote your rooms on a greater number of channels concurrently without the risking overbooking

But some managers are way more active than others, based on the wide variety of connections they are able to offer and the extent of integration they offer.

It is the superior assembly of features that makes PCI the satisfactory alternative for all kinds of properties. There’s no requirement to use specific structures since you can access and manage easily from one control panel.  

Point Click Integrate holds better weightage for the reason that it readily supplies you with access and control to booking websites throughout the globe. The importance of it is that you could place yourself in contact with billions of vacationers, most of them are a perfect target market according to your property type. PCI gives you the liberty to explore the opportunities smaller channels can open up as you are searching to develop the earnings of your enterprise.

Mobile phones have now become a growing focus in society nowadays, Point Click Integrate accommodates the idea of managing while on the go. You can use PCI’s cellular application to supervise your reservations with the handiest of your cellphone as a corporation. This will make you feel less guilty when you take time off or away from work.

PCI is also a Channel Manager which is run as an all-in-one solution due to its front office structure, direct booking option, and bill key. Running an all-in-one solution offers you complete, unified control over your own property management, distribution, and bookings. With an integrated reservation engine, you may treat your website and social media channels equally like other channels you are linked to through your channel supervisor – making it smooth to accept free direct bookings!

Questions to Ask

With so many options available for channel managers to select from, how can go through the funnel of final and correct choices? You need to pick out one which fits the scale and category of your property.

When you begin negotiations with a potential vendor there are some important questions you may ask so that you have all the specifications available to make the right choice.

1. Is customer support available according to your time & language?

It would be very convenient and less frustrating if you are able to receive assistance without waiting for hours. And receive a response that would be in a native or understandable language.

2. Number of Booking Channels

It is apparent that it is important for the channel manager to connect you with a greater number of reservation sites than you are already using. The more of these channels are, the more you are available to a larger number of people.

3. Can you manage forecast availability?

It is a practice that some travelers may want to reserve far earlier, particularly in the event that they intend to stay in foreign places. Hotels need to simply accept reservations with some piece of lead time because it facilitates their monetary plans, so the better service your company can offer here the better.

4. Regular Reports on Operation?

To be aware of the channels that are giving you the most reservations, which channels are bringing a surplus on revenue? which has the maximum cancellation charge? and other statistics points like these are ought not to be up for negotiation. If you need your commercial enterprise to grow and be sustainable, you need to be vigilant about its performance. When something isn’t operating you need to have a clear idea of what adjustments to make.

5. Integration with Your Website’s Reservation Channel

The reservation engine is indispensable for your online existence and income plan so it’s best that your channel manager is able to integrate with it. If not, it would mean handling your third contributor channels and direct channels one after the other which is tiresome and takes a longer time.

6. Price Tag?

Preferably, you would need a package that prices you a smooth month-to-month fee for full admission and usage of the manager. This is a much better option and package than paying a price on every occasion you desire to increase a channel. The right company will wait for you to pick out an annual agreement. Several channel managers furthermore bid a free trial length so you can understand the blessings of the product in advance to help you decide to buy.

7. Training

Beginning with a good hand at what you are willing to do is a smart move and it will be helpful and important that the vendor provides you with training. This will allow you to get straight to work and business.


As soon as you make a decision to buy, the decision needs to circulate quickly, and they should lead the way for you with as much information as possible.

You will be dealt with by a dedicated onboarding workforce who will manually lead you via the complete trial, ensuring the correct channels are linked and your estate is configured properly in the application.

Training is likewise given so that you understand exactly how to use the application. Once you know the fundamentals, it will be easier to perform the tasks since you will be performing similar ones on a regular basis throughout the week or month.

PCI is a completely spontaneous application, allowing users to speedy discover their ground and experience comfort, which means there is much less risk you would need to contact aid.

Selection of the Best

When you are in the middle of making a critical decision for your business, you need to select the best. Remember these key points:

 Training and guidance should be complete

 Make sure it runs on a pooled inventory model

 • Pricing has to be a flexible & monthly fee

 The greater number of OTA and PMS connections, the better

 Enduring period availability and scheduling need to be attainable 

 Integration of the Booking engine and mutual communication is important

 Approve that it has superior reporting functions

Are There Any Similar Services Available Free of Cost?

The total functionality of a fine channel manager cannot be availed free of cost, and that is rightfully due to the influence it has on your business is, definitely worth the investment. Though a channel manager is not a tool you can physically handle, it is still an essential tool required to run the property smoothly. The Channel Manager takes care of what goes on behind the scenes, hence stimulating the appearance of the details on the web.

Nevertheless, genuine vendors provide a free-of-cost trial length for their merchandise so that you may be satisfied with their product prior to paying the charges.

Assessment According to Testimonials

It's going to be a big help if you study the opinions of the users about it. Consumer opinions provide excellent understanding because most will come from people just like you who already were in search of something similar. Their comments will come up with truth and authenticity on which the provider can fulfill the needs of your hotel.