Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to lay out the terms and conditions governing use of information and data belonging to Platform users and the Customer. This Privacy Policy constitutes an annex to and an integral part of the Platform Terms & Conditions signed with the Properties.

Except for the purposes and within the scope as agreed in the Platform Terms & Conditions signed with the Property, Point Click Integrate shall not disclose to any third party or use without consent of the Property any information which Point Click Integrate receives through the Platform electronically (including, name-surname, company, phone number or e-mail address details, any personally-identifiable information about the Property, user or the Customer, or invoice or payment option details). Accordingly, Point Click Integrate undertakes to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, consider this requirement a secret-keeping obligation, ensure and sustain confidentiality of such information, and take any measure and show diligence as required to prevent disclosure to public, unauthorized use, or disclosure to any third party, of whole or part of the confidential information.

In addition to the circumstances as set forth in the Platform Terms & Conditions, such personal information may also be used to contact the Property, user or Customer and improve Platform experience of the Property (such as improving existing services, develop new services or offer tailored services) as well as performing various statistical assessments, building databases and conducting market research without compromising identifiable information of the user and the Customer. Such information may also be processed, retained, or relayed to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing by Point Click Integrate (or any person collaborating with Point Click Integrate, subject to the Platform’s approval), and may be used to contact the User to promote applications and services, and deliver notices about maintenance and support activities.

Point Click Integrate may turn details of the Property’s transactions on the Platform into anonymous data, and retain, process, or relay to its partners, such data for such period as required to use them in statistical assessments, performance reviews, marketing campaigns by Point Click Integrate and its business partners, annual and similar reports.

Point Click Integrate shall also be entitled to disclose the Property information to third parties in cases where:

Disclosure is mandatory for performance by Point Click Integrate of its obligations under the Platform Terms & Conditions,

User related information is demanded by a competent or judicial authority as part of an investigation or probe duly executed under the relevant regulations,

Relay of information is required to protect or assure the security of the Property’s rights.

Point Click Integrate identifies and uses user IP addresses if needed to identify system-related issues and swiftly resolve any potential issue with the Platform. IP addresses may also be used to draw an overall user profile and gather comprehensive demographic data.

Point Click Integrate is entitled to transfer any data related to the above-mentioned purposes to its servers which are located in any country of the world except the one the Property is resident (such servers may be owned by Point Click Integrate, its affiliates or subcontractors).

The Platform may contain links to other website and applications, and Point Click Integrate is not liable in any way whatsoever for privacy policies or contents thereof.

Point Click Integrate may amend from time to time this Privacy Policy through publication on the Platform. Any amendment to the provisions of this Privacy Policy by Point Click Integrate shall be effective on the date of publication on the Platform.

The Property agrees, represents and undertakes to ensure that any agreement to which it is a party will comply with this Privacy Policy, and to obtain such consents from the Customers as may be required by this Privacy Policy.