Point Click Integrate
with our Channel Manager
Intitutive & Dynamic Channel Manager
  • Get more bookings locally & worldwide.
  • Unlimited access on all major booking websites.
  • Ensures no overbookings occur.
  • Boost location based marketing.
  • One-click integration support and documentation.
  • Secured payment management.
Instant Connections to OTA's and Channels

The Channel Manager by Point Click Integrate gives you incomparable reach and visibility online.
That's why hundreds of bookings pass through every day to provide over
millions in hotel revenue. Our Channel Manager:

Harmonizes and sets the continuity of exchange of rates, availability and reservations between the PMS and designated Channels.
Eliminates time spent manually updating each of your channels & extranets.
Instantaneously updates all selected channels. Our system optimizes online delivery, distribution & reduces the risk of overbooking. All done by one point-click solution.
Synchronize booking information routinely with the booking calendar. Get availability, rate updates, manage content, pictures, and inventory effortlessly.
Digitally Connected Marketplace
Boost RevPAR

Create MSP's

Set custom room rates on as many channels for no extra cost to create Managed Sales Packages.

No Double Bookings

List all your rooms-rates and have availability updated on all your channels, at the same time. Thanks to our pooled inventory model.

Optimized Commission

Our channel manager optimizes commission rate while tracking published room rates on OTAs by using our rate optimizer tool.

Show Case Promotions

Create Promotion Packages

Advertise promo codes, loyalty members discount, upsell to increase direct revenue. Create, publish and manage your properties Marketing Campaign.

Select Multiple Currencies

Our multiple currencies options on channels help to localize your hotel rooms to an extended guest audience worldwide.

Manage Your Content

Attract guests with rich, visual content and instantaneously surge your bookings. Showcase your rooms in high definition pictures on social media, multiple channels and OTAs.

Smart & Simple


Intuitive Dashboard

See the status of all your channels through a single snapshot dashboard. Get instant notifications on all incoming bookings.

Visualized Data

Access detailed visualized reports for multiple performance metrics. View trends by channels, length of stay, room type, ADR and many more.

Manager Report

Run Manager Report on your guest reservations and arrivals. Highly value data set provided completely FREE.