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Manage your room rate on Multiple booking channels On Demand..

Enhance your custom Room Rates Package distribution strategy and regulate how your rooms are sold.

Lower your costs and increase your revenue.

Our integrated Channel Manager uses commission optimization technology to increase commissions.

Our affordable, professional PMS that increases income, improves efficiency, and fills vacancies faster.

Create room rates as Managed Sales Packages (MSP). Increase the digital sales foot print on multiple sites.

Highly intuitive Booking Calendar allows to set MSP start and end dates with easy sales package tracking.

Add restrictions like Stop-Sell, Length of Stay, Closed to Arrival, Closed to Departure and Bulk Update.

Our design team specializes in hotel website development that boost sales and cultivate brand loyalty.

Design encapsulates features like pixel perfect showcasing, easy navigation and responsive design.

Room are the main selling feature of a hotel. We make sure that high resolution images are used.

Have a digital and engaging shopfront to turn your hotel website into your most profitable sales channel.

We have multiple types of Booking Engines to manage your room rates through social media channels.

Our enhanced distribution strategy opens multiple venues for Direct Connect with customers.

Enhance your customer Loyalty Program, Promos & events with calendar integration.

A visible ‘Book Now' feature is made available on your website and Facebook connecting customers directly.

Need Help Choosing A System?
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Must-have features:
Housekeeping System
App Integration
Branded Messaging
Report & Analytics
Need Help Choosing A System?
Want to know more about our features.
Housekeeping System
App Integration
Branded Messaging
Report & Analytics