How To Improve Reservations at All Levels at Your B&B

Bed and breakfast need to use all available sales channels to attract and serve visitors. But how?

Here are some great ways to climb up all levels - your reservation, booking of third-party websites, and direct online booking.

Online Travel Agency (OTA) Reservation.

OTAs are an important marketing channel for small-scale boarders. They help you get your name out there. When you look at the facts, you will know that OTAs are the second most widely used hotel reservation channel, accounting for about 20% of the bookings done on the internet.

You can increase your OTA ranking through:

Keep Your Content Posted 

You are more likely to get posted and listed higher when your profile is complete and filled with explicit details. OTAs would prefer to post you when it would know you fit the criteria that would want the visitors to check and book you.

Try to add in as much positive detail and extra features about your services as possible, it is more expected that the visitors will choose you when they know more about what you have to offer.


Hotels can go from the top of the list to the last because of small, but crucial mistakes. Nowadays hotels are approached and booked on the basis of the reviews given by their former guests. The motels are also rated by the guests according to their experience with you. You need to add this feature so that everyone can know what a great time you have to offer.

Mobile Phone Optimization Makes Website Better

One of the best ways to multiply and boost your bookings dramatically is to optimize your website and portal for registration. They need to be optimized for mobile phone use.

It is reported that one-fourth of reservations are now from phones, and 50% of further visitors finish reservations once the website is available for cell phones.

Produce Brochures

Your bed and breakfast can profit significantly through the use of brochures since it makes you appear professional. There is a perception that only the best can afford this type of marketing pledge. It is also suitable for busy travelers with limited internet access.

Make sure you give your booklets to local businesses that often target visitors to you. For example, tour operators and operators, transport operators, and perhaps restaurants. Each present agent must have these brochures as part of their sales kit.

Devote to Board Sign

The exterior of the motel will attract visitors at the last minute - especially if you are found on a busy highway. Travelers who do not plan their accommodations that night will be tempted by your warm and inviting sign.

So, plant your bed and breakfast clues that will make it easier to recognize your location. Unique features that enhance your overall branding will help you attract more existing customers.

Present Discounts on Call or Front Desk

Usually, when a potential traveler surfs multiple booking sites, they will land at your website and might want to call you for further explanation and even for a reservation.

Count this as an opportunity to present and call them in with a discount to keep them on the phone or interested, preferring to book them directly rather than using Online Travel Agency. If not, you can do the hard work of marketing, meanwhile, OTA will keep a fraction of your income.

Direct Bookings

Direct booking is a great idea for business since it is not commission-based, and you are in control of the relationship with your potential customer. Working on your website is a significant track to success in this area.

Get Managed

A market manager will:

Inform you of the newest trends in your area.

Ensure your inclusion in the tour packages that target your potential & favorite audience.

Assist you to figure out paid marketing drives amongst your hotel and OTA.

Enhance Your Photo Gallery

Posting photos of your location will sell your rooms way faster than any appealing text because you leave very little for the visitors to imagine, and they will have a good idea of what to expect when they reach.

Customize your web images, so that the pages load faster. Make sure the file sizes are reasonable, without compromising their quality.

Put all your best photos in the upper section of the gallery.

Perk Up Those Extras

It is reported that 15% of visitors purchase extras during booking. Therefore, if your hotel reservation system is now offering them at the period of reservation, you are now in a sounder position to earn extra money with your direct booking this year.

If you have a modern booking system like PCI, you will be able to offer more at the time of booking, and send automatic emails after reservation.